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1."I feel that physical contention is not at the same level. The opponents played tough on both ends. As for the game experience, I'm not at the same level with teammates and opponents either," she noted.。
2."I know footballers play under these conditions, but they are all the time moving," said Nadal after the latest ever finishing time for a match at the tournament.。
3.The 51-year-old coach replaced interim coach Majid Namjoo Motlagh on the Tehran-based team.。
4.Their Canadian forward Christophe Lalancette completed his hat-trick in the final stretch to guide his team to a respected victory and the first place in the rankings, 4-5.。
5.LONDON, Oct. 3 (Xinhua) -- James Rodriguez scored twice and added an assist as Everton beat Brighton 4-2 in Goodison Park to keep their 100 percent record at the top of the Premier League on Saturday.。
6.With the pandemic under control in China, sports events like the Carnival returned, which in turn gave a further boost for people's confidence across the country to restore normal life.。


1.In the other game on Friday, Shaanxi edged Wuhan 80-78. Enditem。
2.Stan Wawrinka of Switzerland in the men's singles match at French Open 2020 in Paris. (Photo by Aurelien Morissard/Xinhua)。
3."We executed the coach's tactics well," she explained.。
4.Elsewhere, Santos rallied late to secure a 3-2 win at Goais. Marcos Leonardo, Jefferson and Marinho were on target for the visitor while Vinicius Lopes and Victor Andrade scored for Goias.。
5.Despite three losses in a row coming into the season, Wuhan coach Li Xin expressed her satisfaction in some respects.。
6.The world No. 4, and two-time finalist at Roland Garros in 2018 and 2019, reached the fourth round in Paris for the five consecutive years.。


1.After four games of the season, Athletic Club Bilbao coach Gaizka Garitano has emerged as the early favorite in the 'sack race' after his side lost 1-0 at home to nine-man Cadiz, before being beaten by the same score away to Alaves on Sunday.。
2."We inflicted great pressure on our opponents throughout the game. Offensively we played inside out and showed our level," Inner Mongolia coach Zheng Wei reflected.。
3.Despite the loss, Hebei coach Ma Tao expressed satisfaction with his players.。
4.Next for Zhang is the winner between Czech No.7 seed Petra Kvitova and Canadian teenager Leylah Fernandez. Enditem。
5.Real Madrid has a deeper squad than Barca, as the fact that they were without Dani Carvajal, Eden Hazard, Alvaro Odriozola and Tony Kroos on Sunday and still won shows, but Courtois' displays mean that so far some of the results have been much better than the actual performances.。
6.Many put the performances down to Garitano's defensive and conservative nature and his unwillingness to show confidence in the club's young players. The feeling is that although the squad has obvious weak points (especially in central midfield), the lack of confidence some players showed in the last two games means Garitano is running out of time. Enditem。


1、The signings of Callum Hudson-Odoi (Chelsea) Sergino Dest (Ajax) failed due to the Blues demand to implement a buying-obligation and Barcelona surpassing Bayern's 20 million offer.。
2、Matthaeus encouraged Schalke not to give up as 31 rounds of matches still remain.。
3、"I'm very happy. It was a great match, I didn't make any mistakes. Casper is a really great player, very attractive to play, I think there were many good rallies, it was a good match from both of us," said the recently-crowned US Open champion.。
4、Like Baum, pundits such as Lothar Matthaeus have discovered that the Royal Blues squad lacks the speed that modern football requires.。
5、He has also maintained Wolverhampton forward, Adama Traore in his squad, despite the striker, who was born close to Barcelona, also being called up by his parents' homeland, Mali.。


Following is the Argentina squad:!


  • 付一 10-20

    The 33-year-old had scored 45 goals in 68 games and won two A-league championships since he joined the Sky Blues in August 2018.

  • 连续 10-19

    "She had a remarkable performance coming off the bench but failed to convert some layups due to a physical slump. She still needs to go through some tests game after game. Hopefully, she can progress deep into the season," said Henan coach Li Jianxin.

  • 雨凄 10-18

    Shaanxi's Chen Yanyu was an assist shy of a triple-double with 21 points, 12 rebounds and nine assists. Li weighed in with 19 points.

  • 平面 10-17

    The annual carnival, also featuring jet-skiing and kayaking, was held to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese National Day holiday. 300 local swimmers attend the competition to swim across the Liujiang River on Friday.

  • 中消 10-16

    With five players on target, Atalanta enjoyed another convincing victory as the Dea crashed Cagliari 5-2.

  • 凉的 10-15

    The following games are scheduled for Saturday: Borussia Dortmund host Freiburg, Eintracht Frankfurt face Hoffenheim, Cologne entertain Borussia Monchengladbach, Werder Bremen encounter newcomers Arminia Bielefeld, newly-promoted Stuttgart clash with Bayer Leverkusen and RB Leipzig play bottom side Schalke. Enditem

  • 崩溃 10-14

    Association president Fritz Keller demanded a series of victories to collect points helping to avoid relegation "as we can't afford to go down to a lower group."

  • 齐坠 10-13

    Henan coach Li Jianxin offered a score of 80 points for his team's performance.

  • 如同 10-12

    After substitutes stepped in, Xinjiang maintained its level of defense, holding Shanghai to shot-clock violations on several occasions and leading 27-18 at halftime.

  • 有八 10-11

    2. Neymar has Ronaldo, Pele in his sights

  • 一道 10-10

    Other leading clubs in Europe announced similar figures. Manchester United shipwrecked with an 80 million offer for Jadon Sancho as Borussia Dortmund demanded 120.

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